Student Research Society

Welcome to the Student Research Society of the Financial University!

"Be glorious Temple of Sciences and Enlightenment!", goes the anthem of our university. The best financial educational institution in the country pays special attention to science and research.

Established in the 1940s, the Student Research Society (SRS) has always been engaged in promoting the development of scientific activity among students. The main aim of the society is to bring up smart, intelligent, strong and successful people. Today, the Student Research Society still continues to follow this legacy.

The FinU Student Research Society (русск. Научное студенческое общество Финансового Университета при Правительстве РФ) is a public association.

The FinU Student Research Society has been operating since 1946. The first SRS Regulation was approved in 1994, the second Regulation — in 2004, and the current Student Research Society is governed by a new Regulation adopted by the FinU Academic Council in 2018.

The goal of the Student Research Society is to serve as a resource for all students who are eager to develop their scientific potential and creativity, as well as to get involved in conducting research.

Our Aims

Participate and organise conferences, forums, festivals, discussion clubs, scientific competitions and master classes at the university, inter-university and international level;

Provide scientific and organisational assistance to university students conducting research;

Expand cooperation with Russian, foreign and international organisations in the research activities of students;

Participate in publishing university journals covering the research work of students;

Promote the results of students’ research (together with the faculties and departments) in external journals.


Head of the SRS

Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt 49,
room A737

+7495 943-95-97 nso@fa.ru