Acquaintance of foreign students with books and authors of Russian literature

Event forms:

  • Literary evening
  • Master Class
  • Visiting estates, museums, theaters​

Lecture course o​​n Russian history and culture “The Russian Way"

"The Russian Way" is a lecture course on Russian history and culture, where students get acquainted with interesting moments and personalities in the history of the formation of Russia, learn material that is not showed in history textbooks.

Frequency - 1 time in 2 weeks

Coverage of classes - 50+ people.

Excursion prog​rams

Visiting various objects of Russian culture: monuments of history and culture, buildings and structures, places of significant events, natural objects, industrial and agricultural enterprises

Beforehand, students get acquainted with information about the place where they are going. There are both sightseeing bus and walking tours.

  • Excursions are held on average 2 times a month
  • Average coverage of the tour - 50 people
  • Key results - acquaintance of foreign students with Russia from different sides, in-depth adaptation