About the council

The main objectives of the Council’s activities:

Assistance to the young scientists’ professional growth and their consolidation at the FinU, including scientific, methodological and organizational support in choosing relevant research areas and preparing PhD and doctoral works.

Consolidation of the young scientists’ efforts in solving scientific and methodological tasks that are priority for the FinU.

Involvement of FinU young scientists in scientific research and methodological work.

Promoting the dissemination of young scientists’ research results, including the promotion of their scientific results at reputable scientific conferences and in peer-reviewed scientific journals indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.

Facilitating the establishment of links between young scientists and the scientific and pedagogical community, including international cooperation through the FinU.

Representing the FinU young scientists’ interests in the professional field.

Assistance to the FinU administration in identifying and solving professional, scientific, social, housing and other problems of young scientists, including problems of scientific youth’s professional growth.

Promoting the development of youth scientific initiatives.

Promoting the development of contacts between young scientists of various scientific specialties to organize interdisciplinary complex scientific research by young scientists aimed at solving urgent and practically significant tasks of modern science.

Promoting the dissemination of young scientists’ research results, organizing and conducting scientific conferences, seminars, visiting schools and other events in which young scientists can participate, establishing and developing contacts with Russian and foreign organizations focused on attracting young people to science.

Search and implementation of new forms of young scientists’ work, as well as database creation and other information resources, including remote access.

Interaction with the FinU Scientific Student Society.

Cooperation with scientific organizations, councils of young scientists of other educational organizations, academic institutions and research institutes.

Assistance in the development of the support system for FinU young scientists (funds, scholarships, grants, housing programs, etc.).

Development of recommendations and proposals for the formation of a youth policy and a program for the development of FinU young talented scientists, assistance in the implementation of this program.



Seleznev Pavel 

Chairman of the Council

Doctor of Political Sciences, Associate Professor

Dean of the Faculty of International Economic Relations

Professor of the Department of Political Science


Shcherbachenko Pyotr 

First Deputy Chairman of the Council

PhD of Economics

Associate Professor Department of Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance


Ismailov Ismail 

Deputy Chairman Council

PhD in Law

Associate Professor of the Department of International and Public Law


Kuchieva Alina 

Secretary of the Council

Student of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Mass Communications


Joining the Young Scientists Council

What can the council do?

  • Initiate scientific events held both at the University and jointly with other universities and organizations
  • Initiate the participation of FinU young scientists in events held at other universities
  • Provide information support to young scientists in preparing applications for participation in scientific competitions and projects
  • Apply for the secondment of young scientists to participate in scientific conferences
  • Post information about the Council’s activities on the FinU website and on the Council’s stand
  • Use the information and technical resources available at the FinU.

The positive aspects of participating in Young Scientists Council:

  • opportunity to show your organizational and scientific abilities;
  • exchange of experience and professional knowledge;
  • opportunity to acquire business and scientific contacts;
  • scientific youth acts as an organized structure.
If the goals and activities of the Council are close to you, you have creative scientific ideas and the desire to implement them, we invite you to join our staff by filling out a Questionnaire.

Submit a request to Chairman of the Council Pavel Seleznev at PSeleznev@fa.ru

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