Visiting professor program


About the program

The program “Visiting Professor” is intended to support cooperation of the Financial University with the international scientific community. One of the key goals of the program is to provide the scholars and experts with an opportunity to share their research and practical experience with the Financial University students. The program “Visiting Professor” engages foreign experts with Russian academic society and promotes internationalization across the curriculum.

Participation in the program consists of a teaching load of minimum 2 to maximum 12 hours (lectures, seminars, workshops, etc.), and other academic activities, such as participation in scientific events and engagement in research programs of the university departments.


Visiting Professor is nominated via an application process or by invitation. Participation in the program is open to foreign nationals, university professors, young researchers and lecturing practitioners in the following areas:

  • Economics: Economics; economic theory; management; marketing; banking and monetary regulation; public funding; insurance; corporate finances; international economic relations; world economy and international business; world finances; taxation; audit and business analysis.
  • Information technologies and Mathematics: Applied informatics; business informatics; cyber security.
  • Management: Corporate management; tourism; state and municipal management; state financial control.
  • Humanities: Philosophy; ethics and history; logic.
  • Social science: Advertisement and public relations; media-business; political science; psychology; sociology.
  • Law: Economic law; financial and economic law.
  • Other areas: English; intercultural communication.

Terms and conditions

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The program runs from September to early June during the academic year in Russia. Participation in the program is possible both online and face-to-face.

Applications for face-to-face visits should be submitted at least 2 months prior the visit.

The participant is expected to

  • Deliver lectures and conduct seminars to students in line with his/her research interests;
  • Implement joint research projects and prepare scientific publications in cooperation with the hosting department/faculty;
  • Conduct master-classes for the hosting department/faculty staff.

How to apply

Send the following documents to the emails inter@fa.ru (International relations office) and izhirun@fa.ru (Irina Zhirun, leading specialist)

  1. Motivation letter
  2. Attach a recent Curriculum Vitae
  3. A copy of a passport

The process of application

  1. Review of the application by  the International Cooperation office
  2. Review of the application by a corresponding Department
  3. Agreement on terms of conditions of participation between the Department and a visiting professor
  4. Department submits the application the candidature of a professor for internal revision process and formal approval
  5. After the approval, the professor signs the corresponding documents and joins the program on the agreed terms


Iryna Zhyrun

Leading specialist

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