Today, the University Library and Information Facility includes 10 libraries based in Moscow and 28 libraries based in the University Branches located in the Russian regions. The number of items in non-e-format is 955,757.

Those items include research materials, manuals, books in foreign language, theses, periodicals, fiction, rare books on economics. There are 356 PCs in the Library. The Library local area network is integrated into the University communications network. There is a collection of e-resources in the Library that supports the teaching process and the research process. In 2017, there were 66 databases that contained more than 370 mln. documents. The users can use the University IPs to gain access to the databases or can gain a remote access to them. The University E-Library was formed in 2015. It contains monographs, teaching and methodological materials, summaries of theses, articles published in journals and other materials published by the University Publishing House.