“Never give up and face the future”

Adel Gatin received his bachelor degree in Accounting and Audit, and a master degree in Management. He started his professional career at the financial department of Heinz Russia, and now works as at Sibur.

From the very beginning of my studies I was afraid that will not be able to study at the university because of the high level of requirements. That’s why I never missed any classes and listened to the lecturers with great interest. 

Apart from my studies, I actively participated in the scientific life of the university. I attended various conferences and wrote some articles. I was really proud to participate in the conferences held in Minsk and Sevastopol. 

It is very important to choose the sphere where you can reach heights, considering your knowledge and abilities. You shouldn’t expect too much from your first job. Be prepared to do boring and uninteresting things at the beginning. Once your boss understands that you can be relied on,  you will be delegated more important tasks.

“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”

Anna Vysotkova received her bachelor degree at the Financial-Economic faculty. She had an internship at RB PArtners and now works there as a juniour consultant in M&A.

I have always dreamt of becoming an economist. Student life is mainly connected to the learning process. It is necessary to study hard to maintain a high level of achievement. The more you study, the more specialised subjects you are offered. Thus, the process of training turns from routine to entertainment.

At the university you not only improve your interpersonal communication skills but also develop your professional knowledge through participating in various conferences, trainings, and seminars.

In my opinion, despite the difficult situation in the labour market, it is necessary to understand what professional sphere is the most preferable for you. It is pointless to say that “I prefer the economic sphere”, as everyone understands that this concept is too broad. Someone likes accounting, someone likes taxation or corporate finance. You should think everything over thoroughly and do your best to achieve success. Bear in mind that it is hard to succeed from the first time. Don’t give up, sooner or later everything will work out.

“You can only become successful what you truly love what you do”

Levon Airapetyan received a baсhelor degree in Accounting and Audit, and a master degree in Taxes and Taxation. Started his professional career as an intern in Deloitte, where he works at present as a consultant in taxation of the banking sector and the securities market.

It was very hard at the beginning to adapt university-based thinking model from a school model. I concentrated on studying, participating in student scientific life, and meeting new friends.

You should remember one thing. Do not try to find and get a job as soon as possible. the most important thing is to understand which professional area you are closest to, not just interested in. Ask yourself, will you be ready to do this job in 5,10 or 20 years? The answer to this question will push you to the right choice, and it is fine that it may take a couple of months to find the right solution.