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Center for Macroeconomic Research

The center conducts research in macroeconomics, institutional economics, econometrics, and other related disciplines.

The main research tasks of the Center include development of:

a theoretical model of the economy's exit from the Malthusian trap, based on the factor of social inequality and different investment activity of social strata;

a methodology for linking and calibrating macroeconomic and budget forecasts, as well as methods for assessing fiscal sustainability;

methods for evaluating the effectiveness of Russia's institutional development;

methods for assessing the resource dependence of the Russian economy;

development of a rating system for participants in the Russian market of economic research, including ratings of leading economists, leading economic journals, and leading higher economic schools).

Scientific Publications


“The doctrine of non-ergodicity of the social world”

– p. 174-193; Balatskiy E. V.

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“Technological economies of scale and economic growth”

– p. 43-57; Balatskiy E.V., Yurevich M.A

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Institute of social inequality and economic growth”

– p. 66-83; Balatskiy E. V.

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“Competition of Russian economic journals in the world market”

– p. 124-139; Balatskiy E.V., Ekimova N.A.

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“The Impact of Tax Reforms on the Behaviour of Economic Agents (Indirect Taxation in Russia and the USA)”

– p. 129-147; Balatskiy E.V., Ekimova N.A.

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“Short-Term Inflation Projection Based on Marker Models”

– p. 498-506; Balatskiy E.V., Ekimova N.A., Yurevich M.A.

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“Geopolitical Meridians of World-Class Universities”

– p. 468-477; Balatskiy E.V., Ekimova N.A.

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“Global Experience in Interaction with Compatriot Scientists: Lessons for Russia”

– p. 342-350; Yurevich M.A., Malakhov V.A., Aushkap D.S.

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Head of the Centre


Moscow, 4th Veshnyakovsky pr.,
4, office 219

+7499 277-39-61 inimeo@fa.ru