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Student Club "Self-Management beyond Borders"

Our mission:
We aim at training globally competitive and adaptive professionals through internships in legislative and executive bodies during time of studies. We help you become a harmoniously developed and socially responsible personality so that you would further be able to take management decisions connected with country and international community issues.

Strategic directions:
– We organise internships for students in the state and municipal government bodies in their free time. The most important component of the strategic development of the Club is to acquire professional skills in the state and municipal management structures;
– We promote active participation and organisation of scientific activities at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. It helps develop analytical and practical skills through publishing scientific research in leading peer-reviewed scientific publications journals, indexed in various analytical databases;
– We organise the project "Mentoring" for students. This project is intended for preserving, multiplying and transferring practical experience from the accomplished managers and active students under conditions of continuity;
– We design, manage, and organise project activities of the Club to develop practical skills in the effective management of student teams.

Priority Projects
1. Student Parliament Club
The aim of the project is to represent interests of the FinU students at the city level, create an active standpoint among the students and to acquaint them with the projects implemented at the municipal and city levels;

2. 100 Years — 100 Meetings
The project aims to create and maintain a practical platform for FinU students through meetings with representatives of state and local bodies and public organisations.

3. I Know Russia
The project contributes to raising awareness of the administrative and territorial organisation of the Russian Federation among students. It also promotes civic and patriotic education of students in leading higher education institutions of the Russian Federation.

4. Portfolio
The project aims to develop skills of compiling high-quality resumés and managing web portfolios that have a direct impact on students' future careers and working life.

5. Meetings of the Professor’s Club
The project is aimed at comprehensive development of the student’s personality through interacting with the faculty. Within the framework of the project, students will be able to convey their proposals to scholars, which will help develop the social and economic sphere, as well as broaden their horizons in many ways.

6. Program of Projects "Healthy Russia"
Student program of projects "Healthy Russia" is intended to promote implementation of federal projects: "Sport as a norm of life" and "Promotion of public health". The program also aims to involve the younger generation into sports.

Head of the student club "Self-Management beyond Borders" — Lyubov Adamskaya , PhD in Social Sciences, Actual State Councillor of the Russian Federation, 2nd class

Chairman of the student club — "Self-Management beyond Borders" — Artem Ponomarenko


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