1 June 2021

Round Table on "Research Projects in the Field of Marketing at the University of Vienna"

Financial University expresses gratitude to the organisers of the round table: Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Ekaterina Bezsmertnaya, Deputy Dean for International Cooperation Khvicha Kharchilava, Head of the Department of Logistics and Marketing Frank Venda and Professor Irina Firsova.

On May 28, 2021, within the "Visiting Professor" program, an online round table with Head of the Department of Marketing at the University of Vienna (Austria), President of the European Academy of Marketing, Honorary Doctor, Prof. Udo Wagner was held at the Financial University.

The event was moderated by Assistant Professor of the Department of Logistics and Marketing Marina Kalinina. 

The main speaker of the event Prof. Udo Wagner gave a presentation on "Research Projects in the Field of Marketing at the University of Vienna".

Thank you very much for your invitation, I am honoured to share my knowledge and some ideas about marketing research with you! I have already mentioned that I have visited Financial University several times and each time I was very pleased with your hospitality

Prof. Wagner

Prof. Wagner elaborated on the main scientific results obtained. Analysis of marketing aspects of running a modern business, especially empirical marketing research, and market modelling allowed Prof. Wagner to substantiate proposals and improve the already existing models and their practical application.

In addition, Prof. Wagner has several recent projects in the following areas:

  • Advertising;

  • Price policy;

  • Personal sales;

  • Product policy;

  • Retail trade;

  • Sensory marketing;

  • Sustainable consumption.

During the presentation an active discussion took place, each student was able to ask a question and get a detailed answer, thus getting more detailed information about the field of marketing.