24 Апреля 2021

Russian Poetry

On April 24, 2021, group PF-1 of the Pre-University Training Faculty took part in an open class dedicated to Russian poetry. Russian studies cannot be imagined without Russian literature. The volume of an art work certainly plays an important role in foreign students’ perception of it, so poems are especially suitable for classes of Russian as a Foreign Language.

During the class, the students found out about names of such great poets as Fedor Tyutchev, Sergey Yesenin and Marina Tsvetaeva. They were also introduced to small poems by these poets and were able to read poems by themselves.

Moreover, the students worked with new vocabulary, and together with the lecturer they discussed the main features of the Russian national character and the images presented in the texts.

At the end of the class, they listened to romances based on the poems of the above-mentioned poets which were performed by different singers.