13 Апреля 2021

Happy Birthday to the FinU Student Council!

I would like to warmly congratulate the Student Council of the Financial University, an association of wonderful young and creative people, on its 20th anniversary! 

20 years is a considerable age and is certainly an objective indicator of how the Student Council is important in the life of our university and each student in particular. 

​Today, the large and friendly staff at the Student Council are engaged not only in organising extra-curricular activities, but also take an active part in all educational activities, for instance, they provide social and adaptive assistance to freshmen, suggest the ways of improving studying and living conditions in the FinU residence halls, assist teachers in mastering modern IT technologies and represent students' interests at the Faculty or the University Council. 

And what is even more important is that the Student Council has become a real school of life for many students. Over these two decades, the Student Council has helped thousands of talented students to develop their talents, acquire important organisational skills, become real professionals in various fields and, of course, find loyal friends. 

I sincerely wish the Student Council and all its activists a lot of new bright ideas, interesting projects and success in important and responsible activities for the benefit of our beloved Financial University! 

Be happy, healthy and successful in all your endeavours! 

Rector of the Financial University

Prof. Mikhail Eskindarov