4 Марта 2021

Meeting with FinU Branches

On 3 March 2021, the International Cooperation Office participated in a weekly meeting with the FinU branches to discuss possibilities of developing long-term cooperation.

Director for Supervision of Activities and Development of Branches Natalia Yudina opened the meeting with a welcome speech.

The participants were also welcomed and congratulated on the 102nd birthday of the Financial University by Alexander Safonov, Vice-Rector for Strategy and Work with Authorities.

Today, when the Financial University celebrated its 102nd birthday, we have great prospects for further development. And, of course, the FinU branch network is an integral part of our University

Mr Safonov

Alexander Linnikov, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, made a presentation noting that the branches are now interacting effectively that’s why all interdepartmental tasks are performed quickly and easily. Mr Linnikov presented the structure of the International Cooperation Office to the colleagues and identified a number of key issues for developing a successful cooperation.

"First of all, international cooperation is all about communication! We have significantly improved FinU’s position in international rankings thanks to the constant interaction with foreign specialists'', says Alexander Linnikov.

As part of the event, the International Cooperation Office familiarized with the activities performed by the FinU branches, specifically the educational programs offered, and proposed cooperation in the following areas:

1. Participation in the "Visiting Professor" program, which, despite the current situation in the world, has a positive dynamic and continues to operate online; 

2. Establishment of Pre-University Faculties. For example, the FinU Pre-University Faculty numbers approximately 200 students from more than 30 countries. Training is provided in the four main areas: economics, humanities, engineering, medicine and biology. The activities of the Pre-University Faculty are highly appreciated by Rossotrudnichestvo: the educational quotas are increased every year, which only confirms a high appraisal by foreign universities;

3. Possibility of sending foreign students to the FinU branches. 

"The internationalisation of the University is our top-priority goal. Together with the team of Alexander Safonov, all the necessary regulations were developed for concluding agreements with foreign partners allowing structural units to conduct international activities independently. That is why we encourage the FinU branches to expand their network of contacts. Such initiatives are highly appreciated! It should also be noted that the number of foreign trainees, the presence of foreign specialists among the FinU staff as well as joint educational programs with foreign partner universities are the main indicators of effective performance. The International Cooperation Office is always ready to provide any assistance in solving the internationalisation issues!" says Alexander Linnikov.

Andrey Rementsov, Deputy Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, outlined the performance indicators of the FinU branches and stressed the importance of increasing the number of foreign students in the FinU branches.

"Today, for example, more than 20 foreign students are studying at the FinU Penza branch which demonstrates a steady and positive trend in the international direction. We are grateful to our colleagues, and we express confidence that this example will undoubtedly be followed", notices Andrey Rementsov.

At the end of the meeting, Natalia Yudina presented a recap of the meeting and identified the development directions:

1. To organise scientific lectures with foreign experts, both face-to-face and online;
2. To hold international events in the FinU branches;
3. To increase the number of foreign students;
4.To develop Pre-University Training Faculties in the FinU branch network.