4 Марта 2021

Anthology of Russian Jokes

On 26 February 2021, a lecture on Russian jokes was held at the Financial University.

The event was organised by the International Students and Faculty Department in cooperation with the FinU Library & Information Complex in order to promote a multifaceted and rich culture of Russia among foreign students. 

Head of the Department for International Students and Faculty Support Daniel Sin welcomed the participants and told them about the history and development of Russian anecdotes, a particular type of Russian jokes.

An anecdote is a brief story where the narrator is the key figure. One must be able to keep the audience’s attention, play with the listener’s expectations, and maintain the logic and integrity of the joke. In the history of Russia there were a number of outstanding humorists and artists who I will introduce you with today

Daniel Sin

Within the framework of the lecture, foreign listeners learnt about Yuri Nikulin, one of the most-honored artists and circus clowns of Russia, listened to his anecdotes and found out about Nikulin's Circus — the oldest in Russia and one of the most famous in the world, which is located on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in the Tverskoy District of central Moscow.

Mikhail Samsonov, Head of the Protocol Group of the International Students and Faculty Department, elaborated on specific features of national humour as well as archetypes of the main characters such as animals, goldfish, nouveau riche and Vovochka.

At the end of the event, foreign students told jokes from different countries and shared their favourite jokes.