1 Марта 2021

Financial University: 100+2

On the first day of spring, March 1st, our beloved Financial University marks its 102nd birthday. Financial University celebrates its second year of its new century with a youthful soul, seeking new knowledge and applying state-of-the-art technologies. 

Combining the best centuries-old traditions of the national higher school with the implementation of innovative solutions, Financial University looks confidently into the digital age and is ready to work on bright, large-scale and interesting projects. Time relentlessly flies, but Financial University only benefits from this — traditions are strengthened, the number of opportunities increase, geography of influence is broadened.

Financial University has reached many heights throughout its rich history. FinU alumni are high-end professionals who work for ministries and government departments, banks and major international companies. Without false modesty, it is possible to say that our common dream of the Financial University being known and respected all over the world is already becoming true!

We love you, Financial University! Happy birthday to our Alma Mater! Flourish and prosper!

We warmly congratulate FinU faculty, students, alumni, employees and all those whose life is connected with the Financial University! We wish you good health, excellent mood and good luck in all your endeavours!