17 Ноября 2020

FinU Rector Prof. Mikhail Eskindarov on Switching to Distance Learning

November 16, 2020, Financial University switched to distance learning. This decision is fully justified. Today, approximately 65% of students, first of all, PhD, graduate and part-time students are studying online. When this decision was taken, 93 student groups were already studying remotely due to the fact that some students were infected with coronavirus, and only a month ago there were 32 such groups.

But the university is not closing, libraries, study halls and co-working spaces will remain open to those students who do not have an opportunity to prepare for classes and exams at home. The studies will be conducted according to the schedule through electronic technologies. Students will also take the winter examinations remotely. The Rector’s Office, the Dean’s Offices, and other support units will continue to operate as usual.

The FinU residence halls also remain open, and all students who will leave the residence hallfor various reasons will be exempt from paying the fee.

The FinU branches make a decision on switching to distance learning with regard to the epidemiological situation in the region.

Most importantly, I ask you to take care of yourself! Be healthy — this is the most important thing today!

Look forward to meeting everyone soon. 

Rector of the Financial University
Professor Mikhail Eskindarov