8 Сентября 2020

Financial University Congratulates on the Financier’s Day!

Dear colleagues!

Congratulations on our professional holiday – the Financier’s Day!

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has made adjustments to all areas of our life. Today, financiers are acting as physicians for the world economy. In these extreme circumstances, they seek and rapidly implement innovative and effective solutions to ensure stability and recovery of the financial system. It would be unfair to underestimate how important this work is, as fates, hopes and aspirations of ordinary people depend on each figure in a financial report.

Not only employees working in banks or financial services and organisations celebrate this professional holiday, but also soon-to-be financiers – today’s students. These young people have a great responsibility, since they will soon be the ones who determine the development trajectory of the national economy and will respond to external challenges and crises.

I am convinced that diligence and high professionalism of financiers will continue to be a reliable basis for realising large-scale and socially significant projects aimed at strengthening and developing our country.

I sincerely wish all those who are working in the financial sphere and are fulfilling tasks for economic growth good health, perseverance, optimism, new professional victories, and good luck in achieving goals!

Rector of the Financial University

Mikhail Eskindarov