19 Июля 2020

Visit of the FC “Barcelona” and Fedskate Russia Executives to the Financial University

July 16, 2020, Financial University management team met with Vice-President of the Russian Skateboarding Federation, President of the Moscow City Skateboarding Federation Valery Kolotilo.

The meeting was also attended  by Director of SportUniverHub Yaroslav Savin.

Within the framework of the meeting it was agreed to develop and realise joint educational programmes with the company SportUniverHub and holding “Barcelona”.

According to the parties, MBA-level programs, sports management directions, and online courses developed for the sports industry with SportUniverHub may be of particular interest.

One of the main tasks is to train staff for developing physical education and sports.

Training programmes for coaches in the field of special achievements, MBA in sports medicine, football may become especially popular.

According to Valery Kolotilo, the programme of management in sports will be interesting for a wide range of representatives of different sports directions. 

It is planned to invite leading foreign experts in the field of sports management from different European countries to implement the programmes.

The development of physical education and sports is a priority of the government social policy.

In a message from President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly, "On the situation in the country and the main directions of the Russia’s internal and foreign policy”, “... the health of people today is directly related not only to the state of public healthcare, but also to the citizens’  lifestyle.

According to the President, it is necessary to include into the national projects activities aimed at developing sports and physical culture, to exploit the potential of entrepreneurial initiative together with the state, and to stimulate the desire of small and medium-sized businesses to work in the field of mass sports and to provide citizens with the services they require.