17 Июня 2020

How to Enter University in 2020

This year, admissions offices of higher education institutions will work without the presence of applicants according to the order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. According to the information shared to the TV Channel "MIR 24" by Vice-Rector for Marketing and Admissions at the Financial University and Responsible Secretary of the Admissions Office Svetlana Bryukhovetskaya, the admissions campaign will begin through the portal June 20th.

"The steps taken will be similar to those in the Public Service site (Gosuslugi). There will be two ways of submitting documents, through the Public Service site (only for those willing to apply for bachelor’s degree programmes, only for state-subsidised and without special conditions, not quotas, not Olympiads, only general competition). The second way — through the unified information system of the university, through the personal profile," said Svetlana Bryukhovetskaya.

According to her, the applicants who have passed the final examination in the form of the Unified State Exam will not have to undergo additional entrance tests upon admission to the Financial University. However, some categories will still have to pass entrance tests.

"Financial University conducts entrance tests for certain categories of eligible persons, for example, foreigners who have attended foreign schools where there are no Unified State Exams, persons with disabilities who have the right to pass entrance tests at a university; college graduates who also did not have state certification in the form of Unified State Exams.

All these categories have the right to pass Unified State Exams if they are willing to. They have the right to pass the entrance exam at our university as well. We have already tried this system: we will organise entrance tests through the ProctorEdu system using video surveillance," added the Vice-Rector.

She noted that there was an approved list of Olympiads whose winners were eligible for admission without entrance examinations. Still the winner has to pass a specific Unified State Exam and get at least 75 points.