16 Июня 2020

Webinar “Public And Private Legal Contracts Under Covid-19 Conditions”

June 16, 2020  (12.00-14.00 MSK), Financial University will be participating in an online round-table discussion on the topic “PUBLIC AND PRIVATE LEGAL CONTRACTS UNDER COVID-19 CONDITIONS”, which will be held starring Grimaldi Alliance and the Italian association Business International. The topics of the event will be legal assistance in the implementation of public and private contracts at the national and international levels. The event will also dwell upon the concepts of force majeure and other exceptional mechanisms introduced by emergency legislation. Some typical cases in the area of fulfillment of obligations and remedies that can be used in case of difficulties with the execution of contracts in a pandemic will also be reviewed.

To participate in the webinar, you can register at the following link: https://www.businessinternational.it/Eventi/4561/FASE-2-dalle-misure-agli-strumenti-per-il-Rilancio