28 Мая 2020

Financial University Сongratulates the People of Azerbaijan on Republic Day

May 28, Azerbaijan celebrates its national holiday,  Republic Day. On that day, in 1918, the National Council of Azerbaijan proclaimed the independence of the newly created Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, which largely determined the path to independence of modern Azerbaijan. The ADR Declaration of Independence was signed in Tiflis on that day

Today’s Azerbaijan, which is the successor of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, has fulfilled the dreams of our people for independence. I am confident that our independent development will be long-lasting and the state independence of Azerbaijan will live forever

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev

More than 120 talented students from Azerbaijan study at the Financial University, most of them are successful in their studies, they participate in scientific activities and also make a significant contribution to the social and cultural life of the university.

"I heartily congratulate our Azerbaijani friends on Republic Day. I am connected with Azerbaijan myself - starting with my childhood’s memories of the flourishing Baku of the 80s, many years of work with Azerbaijani colleagues and business partners, and, finally, finishing, most importantly, with a friendship and warm attitude with our Azerbaijani friends", shares Alexander Linnikov.