26 Мая 2020

Unique International Applicant Support Programme Offered Now at the Financial University

This year, the admission campaign for international applicants is arranged online using a special system. You will have an opportunity to submit your applications and other documents online.  

If the coronavirus situation persists, all international students will study at the Financial University online during the 2020/2021 academic year.

Financial University has developed new up-to-date programmes including those taught in English.

Some programmes are taught entirely in the online format.

Choose one of 45 bachelor’s degree programmes which are currently on offer and opt for a support programme that is tailor-made for international students.

The programme includes the following:

- A free online course of the Russian language (first-year students);

- An internship period and placement/employment in a Russian company;  

- An opportunity to obtain a double degree.

You can start building your brilliant career by choosing a programme from the following list: