9 Апреля 2020


April 8, 2020, President of Russia Vladimir Putin addressed citizens on the spread of the coronavirus infection in Russia.

April 8, 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the nation on the spread of COVID-19 in Russia. 

The disease has already spread to 81 regions of the country. The total number of cases has reached 8,672, with 63 deaths.

Mr Putin addressed the nation during the video meeting with the governors.

This is the third President’s address on the pandemic. Earlier, Vladimir Putin declared the last week of March, then the whole of April to be non-working. 

Companies which are considered to be socially significant continue their work.

The Head of State thanked medical workers and suggested a number of ways to support Russian citizens, as well as businesses:

1. Healthcare workers caring for patients with confirmed coronavirus disease will receive special benefits within three months.

"We are going to provide additional payments to doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers for special working conditions and increased workload. Funds from the Federal Budget for these purposes, more than 10 billion rubles, have been allocated and will soon arrive in the regions," said Vladimir Putin.

2. Small and medium-sized businesses can defer their tax payments for six-month months. Also, the government will prepare a program of additional business support.

3. From June onwards, special payments will be made to families with children from 3 to 7 years old.

4. While getting social benefits, previous income levels will not be taken into account, only the current income.

5. All those who lost their jobs and signed up for unemployment after 1 March will receive unemployment benefit in April, May and June in the amount of a minimum monthly wage (12,130 roubles).

6. Passports, driving licences and other certifying documents will be automatically renewed for at least three months.

Vladimir Putin authorized the regions to establish isolation rules independently. Heads of the regions are obliged to report on the measures taken to prevent the spread of the infection on a daily basis.

"Dear friends! Everything passes, and this too shall pass. Our country has been through many serious challenges, Russia has managed to get through everything. We will win in this fight against COVID-19 !" concluded Vladimir Putin.