On June 28, 2024, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation held a solemn graduation ceremony for FinU alumni. Anton Siluanov, Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, personally congratulated the best alumni on their successful graduation and presented them with their educational certificates.

"You have graduated from one of the best financial and economic universities in the country. This is your capital. You must be able to use it, grow and become a true professional in your field. Aim for new heights, learn new things and grow. Go ahead and succeed!", - said Anton Siluanov, Dean of the Faculty of Finance.

The alumni were also congratulated by the First Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Finance O.A. Polyakova. She wished them success and added that the doors of the University are always open for them,

"For more than 30 years we have been graduating promising students of the Faculty of Finance, who continue to delight us with their successes even outside the University, becoming experienced specialists in the financial sector and occupying high positions in state structures. We, in turn, will be infinitely happy to see them again".

The Head of the Department of Public Finance M.L. Vasyunina addressed the alumni with a parting word,

"I hope that in the course of our work each of you has created a team of like-minded people, and that you will stay in touch with colleagues who share your vision and values. Together, we will be able to achieve great results and leave a mark on the development of the public administration system".

The heads of specialized educational programs and faculty teachers, who shared their knowledge and experience, rejoiced in their successes and victories, also addressed the students and congratulated them on the holiday.

In turn, the students expressed their gratitude to the FinU administration and to the faculty teachers for the knowledge and opportunities that the University has invested in them during their studies.

In a solemn atmosphere 43 alumni received their diplomas with honors.  Among them there are 6 alumni of the Master's program "Financial Innovations in the Public Sector", 11 alumni of the Master's program "Public Sector Finance", 17 alumni of the Bachelor's program "State and Municipal Finance" and 9 alumni of the Bachelor's program "Finance and Financial Asset Management".

The alumni of the Faculty have achieved significant results in the study process and have proved themselves in the scientific and public life of the FinU.

We congratulate the alumni of the class of 2024 and wish them professional success, inexhaustible self-confidence and the realization of the most ambitious plans!