On June 21, 2024, a working meeting was held between the FinU administration and the delegation of the China-SCO Institute of Economy and Trade led by the head of the Institute, Mr. Zheng Shi. The agenda of the meeting included issues of development of cooperation in the sphere of science and education.

Opening the meeting, Ekaterina Kameneva, Vice Rector for Educational and Methodological Work, noted the importance of establishing research ties with leading universities of the People's Republic of China,

"Active cooperation with universities in China is now a priority for the FinU, and we are always glad to have new partners with whom we can establish friendly relations."

In turn, the head of the Chinese Institute, Mr. Zheng Shi, stressed the importance of cooperation in education as a key factor in stimulating the development of international relations and expressed his readiness to fully support new joint projects with the FinU.

During the meeting, plans for the development of bilateral cooperation between educational institutions were discussed, as well as the possibilities of launching exchange programs for students and faculty to increase language experience. Possibilities of conducting student internships in partner companies of the China-SCO Institute of Economy and Trade were also suggested. Evgeny Smakhtin, Deputy Dean for International Cooperation at the Faculty of International Economic Relations, Marina Amurskaya, Head of the Department of International Business at the Faculty of International Economic Relations, and Lilia Prikhodko, Head of the International Cooperation Department took part in the discussion.