On June 3, 2024 the Rector's Open Cup in Digital Golf, a discipline combining real and virtual sports competitions, started at the FinU.  It consists of two stages: digital and physical. The digital stage includes passing the holes in a video game, the physical stage - on the digital golf courses.

On the first day of the competition, Stanislav Prokofiev, Rector of the FinU and representatives of the University's administration tried a new sport and opened a unique sports space - digital golf coworking.

"We are trying to develop golf as a unique corporate sport of the FinU. Sport not only promotes the health of our society, but also has a significant impact on successful careers and professional development. After all, sport contains values, skills and the desire to improve that are so necessary for success in modern business," said Stanislav Prokofiev. 

The new facility is open to students, faculty and staff of the FinU - anyone can come in their spare time and receive a master class from professionals. 

Students who want to join the University's golf team will have the opportunity to prove themselves in this direction, and the new facility will help them realize their potential through the practical application of their skills.