On May 29, 2010 Stanislav Prokofiev, Rector of the FinU, and Andrey Melnikov, General Director of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), opened the DIA-branded auditorium at the Faculty of Finance of the University. The opening ceremony of the new educational space took place as part of the scientific and practical conference "Results and Prospects of the Development of the Deposit Insurance System in Russia".

The joint project continues the development of cooperation between the University and the state corporation, which is one of the strategic partners of the FinU in students’ practical training and human resources’ creation for the financial industry.

Opening the meeting, Stanislav Prokofiev, Rector of the FinU, noted the important role of the agency in the economic and social life of the country - increasing public confidence in banks as the most important institutions of the financial market. 

"To date, the scale of DIA's activities is impressive - 98% of depositors are insured, and that is 254 million economic entities," he explained.

Stanislav Prokofiev emphasized that in the year since the signing of the cooperation agreement between the FinU and the Deposit Insurance Agency, very serious work has been done,

"An important area for us is partnership in the financial education of our citizens and protection of their interests. I am very pleased that now a new educational space is being created at the University, where students will be able to study more deeply and systematically the activities of the state corporation DIA, which performs important economic and social tasks aimed at the development of the Russian financial system".

"The opening of a thematic auditorium is an important step in strengthening the partnership between the FinU and the DIA.

Last year we laid the groundwork for this - we signed a cooperation agreement. It is aimed not only at raising the level of financial literacy and culture among young people, but also at improving the educational programs for future professionals who will work to strengthen the stability of the country's economy," said Andrey Melnikov, Head of DIA.

The ceremonial part of the event was followed by speeches by representatives of the Bank of Russia, DIA and the financial sector. The speakers of the session were Elena Nenakhova, Deputy Head of the Service for Consumer Protection and Financial Inclusion of the Bank of Russia, Natalia Fedorova, Deputy General Director of the State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency, Vladislav Rasputny, Head of the Department for Pre-trial Settlement of Disputes in the Banking Sector of the Financial Commissioner for Consumer Rights in Financial Services, and Nikita Kazantsev, Head of the Savings and Payment Products Department of JSC "Bank "Dom.Russian Federation". The discussion was moderated by Alexander Tsyganov, Head of the Department of Insurance and Social Economics of the FinU.

The experts discussed the prospects and challenges of the modern financial industry of the country and expressed confidence that the cooperation of the academic community and key players of the financial sector will contribute to improving the education quality, increasing the confidence of citizens in the financial market and maintaining the stability of the financial system.