A conference on the creation and development of the Universitys scientific schools was held at the FinU. The participants of the event discussed promising areas of scientific research and identified trends that will help strengthen the position of the FinU as a center of research and innovation in financial sciences.

The plenary session was preceded by a meeting of the FinU Rector, Stanislav Prokofiev, with young scientists and faculty, which was devoted to the tools for involving young people in scientific activities.

The scientific research development was presented as a concept at the plenary session of the conference by the Rector of the FinU, who emphasized that the development of scientific schools and science in general is one of the most important tasks of the academic community.

The experts of the FinU make a significant contribution to the formation and replenishment of the knowledge base as part of basic research, but it is important to make not only basic, but also relevant products in demand by the market: we will give priority to such research in the selection of topics, said Stanislav Prokofiev.

Among the key priorities, Stanislav Prokofiev highlighted projects in financial and technological sovereignty, digital finance, as well as finance for social protection of citizens and the regional framework of Russia.

As a strategic direction of scientific research for the FinU, the following can be proposed, Finance of Russia is an engine of welfare growth. In this area it is necessary to form extended blocks of research, which will become the basis of the scientific agenda”, - said Stanislav Prokofiev.

Speaking about the measures aimed at improving scientific activity at the FinU, Stanislav Prokofiev emphasized the importance of a multidisciplinary approach and expanding the opportunities for self-realization of young scientists,

New leaders of scientific schools should appear, this is a key trend. Starting from the bachelors degree, it is important to identify young people who have a tendency to work in science, to create conditions for academic masters degrees and employer-sponsored postgraduate studies.

An important topic of discussion was the strengthening of the Universitys position as an academic leader in finance and economics, which builds the skills and expands the worldview of students of economic specialties throughout the country: by 2030, FinU aims to educate at least one third of Russias students in specialized disciplines.

In turn, Mikhail Eskindarov, President and Academic Supervisor of the FinU, outlined the main milestones in the FinU development.

The working part of the conference was followed by reports from representatives of FinUs various scientific schools. The discussion was moderated by Marina Fedotova, Academic Supervisor of the FinU. The experts of the University shared their vision of the science of the future and noted that the activities of scientific schools are one of the strategic priorities in the formation of new trends and innovations in the scientific and educational process.

The conference program was continued by thematic sections on youth.