On 27 March, the Head of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent), Yuri Zubov, held an open lecture “Inventions under Protection: from an Idea to a Successful Project” at the FinU. During the meeting with students and faculty, Yuri Zubov talked about the key areas of the Service’s work, significant projects for young scientists, and the specifics of implementing entrepreneurial initiatives in intellectual property.

The Head of Rospatent was welcomed by the Rector of the FinU, Stanislav Prokofiev, who pointed out the key role of the Service in the formation of legislation in intellectual property. Stanislav Prokofiev emphasized that the FinU attaches great importance to the development of intellectual property and instills a culture of working with it from the student days.

“The issue of intellectual property management is extremely relevant today. In the age of digitalisation and intellectualisation, the formation of technological sovereignty, it is very important who owns the rights to innovative products, how they are formed and how patents are registered. One of the main tasks of the FinU is to enable students to acquire knowledge and experience of working with intellectual property at all stages of its creation and implementation, in addition to their main profession. That is why the FinU and Rospatent have agreed on cooperation, which culminated in the creation of Rospatent’s Basic Department “Intellectual Property Management” - the center for the development of inter-faculty innovative projects. Specialized training courses and a number of continuing education programmes will be launched on the basis of the Department,” said Stanislav Prokofiev.

“Attention to intellectual property is an additional opportunity for the FinU development of the university and an advantage for the future careers of students. The country needs such specialists. Together we will advance our economy and science, create conditions for commercialisation of advanced technologies and ensure technological sovereignty,” said Yuri Zubov.

Addressing the students, the Head of Rospatent noted that the current paradigm of innovative development of knowledge and solutions based on it can become the main competitive advantage of business, which is why it is so important for financiers to be able to work professionally with intellectual property rights. Yuri Zubov stressed that Rospatent, as a guarantor of the protection of intellectual property rights for scientists and businesses, in cooperation with the academic community, is trying to create a culture of patenting and managing intellectual property rights.

Yuri Zubov paid special attention to the tools for working with the global and domestic patent fund - the Rospatent search platform and the trademark search service, and also spoke about the features of international intellectual property registration systems.  

In addition, the students were introduced to new relevant projects for young scientists - developers of proposals with export potential.

After the lecture, the students asked the Head of Rospatent interesting questions about his personal career, the digital services of the Department for young scientists and inventors, the dynamics of patenting in Russia, the possibilities of launching their own projects with the support of the Department’s experts, and much more.

In conclusion, Yuri Zubov stressed that in order to build a successful career in intellectual property management, it is important to understand the needs of the inventor from the origin of the idea to its commercialisation and to be able to find effective solutions at different stages of this path.