On March 22, 2024, the heads of all FinU branches and representatives of the regional financial authorities took part in a solemn meeting dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the FinU’s founding. 

The meeting of representatives of the academic and professional community took place as part of the FinEdinstvo project, aimed at integrating the University and its regional branches, creating a common intellectual environment and communication space. The moderator of the discussion on the main directions of improving the scientific and educational activities of the branch network was Natalia Yudina, Director for Monitoring the Activities of Branches of the FinU.

The participants of the meeting were welcomed by Stanislav Prokofiev, Rector of the FinU, noting the contribution of each of the branches to the successful development of the University’s activities.

“It is fundamentally important for us that the diploma of a FinU is balanced, regardless of whether it was obtained at the parent university or in one of the branches. By 2030, FinU sets itself an ambitious task – to become the best economic university in our country. We can achieve this result only together,” Stanislav Prokofiev said.

Speaking about the improvement of the educational process in the branches, the Rector noted that today it is especially important to take into account the trends of long-term development of the regions and train specialists in demand locally. Among the key areas of activity, Stanislav Prokofiev noted the modernization of curricula, adherence to the concept of practice-oriented education, expansion of interaction with regional authorities and business,

“Joint educational projects with the authorities help to make all innovations in finance, economics, public administration and business part of the scientific and educational activities of the University,” explained Stanislav Prokofiev.

As a leading Russian university and the flagship of financial and economic education, FinU has launched a unique educational project that provides for the combination of double degrees in one diploma. Starting next academic year, the list of such programs will be expanded to 30, 12 of which will be available to students of the University’s branches.

Among the significant projects, the Rector of the FinU also highlighted systematic work to improve the skills of specialists in the domestic financial and economic sector, expand educational activities in financial literacy and actively attract talented youth from the regions.

Mikhail Eskindarov, President and Scientific Director of the FinU, also welcomed the participants of the meeting. In his address, he stressed the importance of cooperation between the scientific and educational community and the real sector in training highly qualified specialists for the national economy and the organization of relevant scientific research.

Dmitry Semenov, Vice-Rector of the FinU for Strategy and Work with GR, also noted the importance of effective and constructive interaction between the branches of the FinU and the authorities in his welcoming speech, calling systematic work in this area one of the strategic priorities of the University in solving urgent socio-economic problems.

The program of the event was continued by expert discussions with the participation of public authorities’ representatives and financial industry experts at the sites of FinU branches. Faculty, staff and students also took part in round tables, conferences, contests and quizzes dedicated to the significant anniversary of the FinU.