The Russian Science Foundation informs about the holding of an open public competition for grants from the Foundation in the priority area of activity of the Russian Science Foundation “Conducting Fundamental Scientific Research and Exploratory Scientific Research by International Scientific Teams”. The open public competition is held jointly with the National Natural Sciences Foundation of China.

Grants are allocated for the implementation of basic scientific research and exploratory scientific research in 2025-2027 by branches of knowledge and are provided to foreign research teams in the following fields:

  • Mathematics, Computer Science and Systems Sciences
  • Physics and Space Sciences
  • Chemistry and Materials Sciences
  • Earth Sciences
  • Engineering sciences.

The amount of one grant of the Foundation ranges from 4 (four) to 7 (seven) million rubles annually.

The application for the competition is submitted no later than 17.00 (Moscow time) on April 26, 2024 in the form of an electronic document through the Information and Analytical System of the Foundation.

Requirements for research, supervisor, and team members:

  • Project Manager: at least 10 different publications (WoS, Scopus, RSCI) for 4 full years before submitting the application,
  • Team: from 4 to 10 people (including the head), including at least 50% under the age of 39,
  • Research: together with a foreign partner (submission of a counter-application is required).

If you have questions about preparing a package of documents for a grant application, agreeing on a letter of guarantee from the organization and a description of the project in English (Joint Project Description Template), please contact Irina V. Kartseva, Head of the International Project Coordination Group at 49/2 Leningradsky Prospekt, Room 413, ivkartseva@fa.ru .