On January 24, 2024, the Faculty of Taxes, Audit and Business Analysis, upon successful completion of an internship as part of international cooperation, held interactive and interesting events for students of the Fiscal Institute under the State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the FinU.

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor of the Department of Taxes and Tax Administration Anna Evgenievna Gerasimova organized and conducted an interactive tax game for students of the Fiscal Institute at the CyberHUB Center for the Introduction of Virtual Education and Science Methods using educational VR simulators.

During the tax game, the students of the Fiscal Institute were divided into three teams, where one part of the participants searched for questions and tasks in the space of a virtual audience, and the second part answered questions. The participants of the game were guessing whether certain types of taxes existed in real practice at any time, for example, such as a tax on a piano or a tax on eye color, and also answered questions about differences in the tax systems of different countries. The students of the Fiscal Institute easily coped with the tasks and even managed to play 3D games in virtual reality.

After the tax game, students of the Fiscal Institute had a sightseeing tour of the museum of the FinU, where they got acquainted with the historical expositions of the museum “History of Domestic Money circulation of XX century” and “Money of the Second World War”. 

At the end of the tour, the delegation of the Fiscal Institute received commemorative books on the topic of finance, and also took a memorable photo at the museum.