On May 20-21, 2023, the traditional horror quest “Fin-Boyard”.

Fin-Boyard, a traditional horror quest organized annually by the Student Council of the Faculty of Finance, took place at the Lesnoe Ozero Resort. 16 teams of 6 people took part in the project – 2 from each faculty.

The theme of the event was Slavic mythology. Students plunged into the life and culture of the ancient Slavs, as well as knew the basics of mythology and customs in Russia. 

The program was opened by a fair with traditional contests and festivities.  The faculty teams competed with each other in Russian traditional contests and learned ancient crafts. 

And closer to sunset, a Quest with horror elements took place.  Participants were waiting for various tests: intelligence, teamwork and dexterity. Throughout the game, the teams were accompanied by creatures of Slavic mythology performed by made-up actors.  

The winner of the Fin-Boyard was the team of the Faculty of Economics and Business. The second and third prizes were taken by the teams of the Faculty of Information Technology and Big Data Analysis “Toxics” and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Mass Communications “Casino Royale”.

All, without exception, the participants received a lot of emotions and impressions.

Фин-Боярд: Ярмарка