On May 19, 2023, Head of State Vladimir Putin held a meeting of the Council for Interethnic Relations via video link. The main issues of the meeting were the advantages of the modern Russian state national policy, the integration of new regions into the Russian socio-cultural space and the adjustment of the state national policy in the face of external challenges and threats.

“It is a great honor for me to participate in this event. I believe that today every participant in a special military operation is a hero, a hero of our time. The fighting is a great test for our multinational people, and they unite us very much. There, in the trenches, in the combat area, they pray in different languages to different gods, but they pray for one thing – for a common victory. Russians, Yakuts, Buryats, Chechens, Tuvinians, and all of us are Russian soldiers for the enemy. And this is an honor for us,” said Baldan Tsydypov.

Baldan Tsydypov also thanked President Vladimir Putin for the creation of the Defenders of the Fatherland Foundation, which will provide assistance to veterans of the special military operation, participants in the battles in the Donbass, starting in 2014, and the families of such deceased servicemen.

“We hope that the Defenders of the Fatherland Foundation will really help and will not ignore any veteran and their family members and will provide them with real, real support. Well, we, veterans of all nationalities, for our part, are ready to actively join this work,” Baldan Tsydypov said.

The commander of a motorized rifle platoon, Lieutenant Baldan Tsydypov, taking part in a special military operation, saved 150 colleagues. On June 29, 2022, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu presented him with the Hero of Russia Star. Tsydypov was also awarded the Order of Courage. 

We are proud that the heroes of our country study at the FinU!