Interfax Group, the creator of information and analytical systems popular in the financial market, opened its own laboratory on the FinU basis on May 16, 2023.

The launch of Interfax-LAB at the FinU will allow wider use of Interfax services, such as SPARK, SCAN and RU Data, in educational activities, will provide students, faculties, researchers of the university with access to a huge array of data on the financial market and companies, as well as analytics and tools for analyzing economic trends.

Vice-Rector for Digitalization of the FinU, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Grigory Ostapenko noted that the laboratory work will contribute to improving the practice-oriented educational process in Regtech, Big Data and IT development.

Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and Big Data Analysis, PhD, Associate Professor Vadim Feklin stressed that the opening of Interfax-LAB will allow access to modern Russian information services and databases for all FinU students both in Moscow and in its 27 branches.

“Interfax services are widely used in banks and corporations to assess risks and analyze market opportunities, so knowledge of these systems is a useful practical skill. Scientific research will also be conducted on the basis of the laboratory, the results of which can be used for the development of Interfax information and analytical systems, promising ideas will be worked out,” Vladimir Gerasimov, Executive Director of the Interfax Group, said during the opening ceremony of the laboratory.

As part of the Interfax-LAB opening, the BI-Battle results on visualization of the NPF assets’ portfolio, organized among students of the training concentration 38.03.05 “Business Informatics” of the FinU and its branches, were summed up. More than 50 students participated in the competition, 4 teams became finalists and presented projects to the ceremony guests. Among the finalists were the teams of Krasnodar and Vladikavkaz FinU branches. The students were awarded certificates and given the opportunity to complete an internship at Interfax in the RU Data project team based on the results of the interview.

The Head of the Department of Business Informatics, Doctor of Economics, Professor Elena Vasilyeva stressed that the project activity of the Interfax-Lab laboratory in the Department of Business Informatics will enable students to participate in interesting analytical projects, gain new knowledge from Interfax experts.

“Interfax representatives - Elena Malinina, head of the software development group, and Ekaterina Dudkina, Deputy Director for Operational Risks at the Center for Economic Analysis, on the example of BI-Battle business cases, very clearly showed how to work with information correctly, what the strengths of the winning projects were, and in which solutions there were unresolved issues. Each student’s work received feedback! And for students, this is very important,” the Head of the Department of Business Informatics commented on the competition results.

Interfax Group is a developer of solutions in business risk management, compliance with regulatory requirements. Among the most famous IT products of the Group are SPARK, SCAN, X-Compliance, Marker, RU Data. In particular, RU Data services provide access to price and analytical data on the Russian and international financial market, compliance with regulatory requirements.