On May 18, 2023, the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation hosted an open lecture by the Head of the Treasury of Russia Roman Artyukhin for students and faculty of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation on the topic, "Evolution of State Financial Control and Audit Bodies of the Ministry of Finance, the Russian Federation". The meeting was moderated by Elena Markina, Vice-Rector of the FinU for the Organization of the Educational Process.

The event was also attended by Deputy Head of the Treasury of Russia Eli Isaev, representatives of the central office of the Federal Treasury and about 200 students from the FinU.

Roman Artyukhin spoke about the state financial control development since the second half of the XVII century up to the present day. He dwelt in detail on the Mikhail Speransky's reforms and on the activities of the state controller Valerian Tatarinov. Roman Artyukhin paid special attention to the historical transformation of the control and audit bodies and directly to the activities of the Federal Treasury, as the main control body of the country in the financial and budgetary sphere, since 2016.

In the final part of his speech, Roman Artyukhin praised the modern state financial control – its organization and results. During the lecture, a lively discussion ensued, where the audience expressed genuine interest in the history of state financial control and especially in the current activities and prospects for the development of the Federal Treasury.