Do you know where the world’s first ATM was installed? Why did metal rods be used as money in Sparta? These and other interesting questions from the world of finance were answered by students of the Faculty of Finance during the intellectual quiz game held on March 6, 2023, organized by the Youth Council of the Accounts Chamber.

The teams of the game participants had to compete in six rounds for the title of the absolute winner and a memorable prize, answering 60 tricky questions over six short rounds. The game required high concentration and quick reaction from its participants. Simple and funny questions alternated with complex ones, for the answer to which it was required to show in-depth knowledge in economic theory, the history of money, credit relations.

The jury of the intellectual quiz was Victoria Boikova, Head of the Financial Audit Development Inspectorate, and Gadji-Efendi Chalaviev, Head of the Process Management Department, employees of the Financial Audit Department of the Accounts Chamber and heads of the Youth Council of the Accounts Chamber. The game was hosted by Igor Kravchenkov, Deputy Director of the Human Capital Development Department of the Accounts Chamber.

As a result of the intense struggle, the winner of the intellectual quiz game was the student team “Chamber No. 7”, which deservedly received the cup from the Accounts Chamber. Certificates of game participants were also received by teams of students who showed good results with a small gap in points, “Gentlemen Auditors”, “Young Auditors”, “STARTup”, “Financiers” and “Shaimuratiki”.

“I must say that I am impressed by the students and the atmosphere at the University. The students organized themselves quickly and took an active part in the game from the first seconds. Noticeably they were really passionate and eager to achieve more. The way they answered the quiz questions indicates that they are really studying, and not just attending classes,” said Haji-Efendi Chalaviev, who oversees Training and Development in the Youth Council of the Accounts Chamber.

In the near future, the Youth Council of the Accounts Chamber plans to hold a joint meeting with the Youth Council of the FinU and work out introducing mentoring for the most active and interested in the students’ development.