Full-text access for the FinU is provided to the collection (J) Economics & Management, consisting of more than 1,392 titles of leading Chinese academic journals on economics and management. Available archive is dated from 1994 to the present.

China Academic Journals Full-text Database (CJFD) is the largest and constantly updated database of Chinese journals containing more than 70 million full-text articles. CJFD covers 99% of all academic journals published in China, with full access to all disciplines with more than 10,000 journals divided into 10 series, 168 topics, and more than 3,000 subtopics.

About the Archive:

  • Archive: 1994-present

  • Language: Chinese with English interface

  • Country: China

  • Number of titles: more than 10,000

  • Frequency: continuous updates

  • Format: full text

  • Made by Tongfang Knowledge Network Ltd.

  • Platform: CNKI (TKN)

Features and Functions:

Multiple navigation methods – supports navigation by topic, citation information, publication frequency, magazine awards, major journals, sponsors and more.

Reliable search methods – XML fragmentation technology improves the efficiency and accuracy of search by using several search methods, including quick search, basic search, professional search, author search, source search, etc. Chinese-English cross-language search is supported.

Multiple search fields – users can search by several fields, including by topic, title, keywords, annotation, author, first author, author affiliation, journal title, link, full text, year, issue, DOI, Chinese Library Classification Code (CLC), ISSN (if available) and CN.

Sorting and grouping by topic, title, foundation, research level, author, author affiliation and keywords. Sort by publication date, relevance, citations and downloads.

Knowledge Networks – CNKI displays citations, similar topics, author affiliation, and more to improve research effectiveness.

First publications on the Internet– CJFD includes more than 600 online journals that are published 3-6 months earlier than the print edition.

Downloads. The CJFD platform provides two download formats – CJFD download and PDF download.

Publications in Chinese and English.

Access Conditions:

Access by IP addresses from all computers of the FinU.

Remote access using a single login and password, which can be obtained from libraries or send a request to library@fa.ru

Follow the link to use the China Academic Journals Full-text Database