FinU has developed a strategy on environmental and climate sustainability.


On January 11, 2023, FinU Rector Stanislav Prokofiev signed an Order approving the Strategy for Environmental and Climate Sustainability of the FinU

The main approach and principles of the Strategy are the rational use of natural resources, the use of resource-saving and energy-saving technologies, reducing the negative impact on the environment, reducing the amount of waste by increasing the level of their sorting and processing. 

Thus, FinU supports all the environmental and climate legislation requirements and norms of the Russian Federation, the information openness of the environmental and climate agenda, including the availability of environmental information for FinU employees and students, and also refuses economic and other projects related to the impact on natural systems, and takes into account the long-term environmental consequences.


Issues related to ecology, climate change, environmental protection concern each of us, they cannot be ignored, they cannot be treated negligently. We hope that you share our initiative!​