More and more new IT developments are being created by scientists in the Russian Federation. One of them was a navigator application for people suffering from vision problems, which is being developed at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. Thanks to the application, people with visual disabilities (however, like other people too) can navigate indoors. 

Rospatent also played an important role in the development: thanks to the Center for the Promotion of Advanced Technologies of Rospatent, two patents were obtained, one of which made it possible to quickly digitize the premises, the second – directly for orientation inside the premises.

“We are grateful to the Center for assistance to advanced technologies of Rospatent for their support and help with applications for registration,” said Anton Losev, director of the business incubator of the FinU.

Keen Eye, a new application, is already undergoing industrial tests and is highly likely to be implemented in Moscow. 

Another project of the business incubator is Findatahub, a freelance platform for data scientists. It allows you to make the necessary calculations without disclosing the source data. Protection for this technology was also obtained through Rospatent.

“The technology can be explained in the following way: the owner of the data set uploads them to the platform, and the performer on the other hand, without seeing this data, sends the code for calculation. The source code and the data set are connected. The technology has already been partially implemented in the study process at the FinU. Findatahub is a resident of Skolkovo, received the support of the Bortnik Innovation Promotion Fund, and this year received one patent for its technology,” the head of the business incubator summed up.

It is worth noting the importance of students’ involvement in the development of new technologies and products at the FinU, as well as in the entrepreneurial activity itself – both projects were developed by teams consisting of students of the FinU. Keep it up!​