On December 26, 2022, a presentation of a unique interactive multifunctional classroom “Open World” took place at the FinU Lyceum. The project is aimed at creating a convergent educational environment that combines various formats and learning scenarios, focusing on world perception with no borders.  

The FinU Rector Stanislav Prokofiev, welcoming the guests and participants of the presentation, noted how ambitious the implemented project is, and also stressed its importance for the development of students’ soft skills, including those of public speaking and project defense.

Specialized zones have been developed for the innovative classroom project, one of which is decorated in the TED style. Here the students will be able to work on public speaking skills, and it is also planned to hold project defenses and various creative meetings in this classroom.

The interactive capabilities of the classroom – organizing video conferences with the possible feedback, showing presentations of various formats and much more – were presented to the guests by the Deputy director of the Lyceum for Digitalization Samir Aliyev.

A specialized multifunctional zone has also been developed for the new classrooms, where case studies, business games, quizzes and seminars on various topics and training profiles can be conducted. The guests were presented interactive programs for college students in physics, mathematics, economics, world art culture, foreign languages and the history of the FinU. The space is easily transformed into a relaxation zone for consultations with a psychologist.

During the presentation, the Director of the FinU Lyceum Irina  Sivtsova announced the creation of a new game training program and noted that such a format promotes the involvement of college and university students in the learning process, and multimedia technologies open up new opportunities as part of interaction with partners both in Russia and abroad.