The Rating Agency RAEX (“RAEX-Analytics”​) published the study results of the Russian universities’ influence in 2022. FinU is still one of the most influential universities in the country, ranking 6th!​​


When determining the result, the university’s contribution to the elites’ formation, its role in the scientific community, authority among young people and impact on the Internet audience were taken into account. The final list includes 75 Russian universities.

More about the rating of the influence of universities in Russia RAEX (“RAEX-Analytics”)


In the sub-rating “Formation of Elites” FinU took 4th place.

More about the sub-rating of universities for the formation of elites RAEX (“RAEX-Analytics”)


Research methodology

the rating is based on 14 criteria, the initial data for which were formed based on the results of a universities’ survey and the collection of information from independent sources. This is alumni employment monitoring of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia, the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia, Alexa web analytics, social networks, RAEX data on the number of alumni in senior positions in the largest companies in Russia, as well as data from foreign and Russian scientometric sources. The ranking is based solely on objective indicators and does not use subjective surveys of respondents.​