On November 18, 2022, the II All-Russian Forum “Transformation and Digitalization of Regions and Municipalities Economy, Social Sphere and Management Teams’ Training” was held at the FinU with the support of the State Duma Committee on Regional Policy and Local Self-Government.


The purpose of the Forum is to develop recommendations for launching new technological and social projects, transforming regional management systems, as well as creating effective management personnel at different levels.


The discussion site gathered more than 2 thousand participants – representatives of government, business, academic community, students and postgraduates from many regions of the country.

The Forum was opened by a plenary session dedicated to the transformation of the regions’ economy and social sphere in the context of national priorities.


The participants of the event were welcomed by Stanislav Prokofiev, FinU Rector.

“The Forum traditionally launches an intellectual marathon at the FinU, as part of which we will reflect on the future directions of economic, financial and social development, and focus the scientists and practitioners’ attention on topical issues and trends. This is important for the research areas’ development, as well as of the FinU and the system in general,” Stanislav Prokofiev said.


Speaking about the Forum’s topic, the FinU Rector emphasized the importance of digital transformation issues on behalf of citizens’ interests, since it is the new tools that give them the opportunity to communicate with the state as conveniently as possible. Stanislav Prokofiev also stressed the importance of developing professional management skills for the competent digital and functional transformations’ implementation and added that FinU is ready to share experience in this area.


The FinU Rector also expressed gratitude to the relevant committee of the State Duma for the support and the opportunity to organize a dialogue on topical issues in the economy and social sphere.


Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Sholban Kara-ool addressed the forum guests with a welcoming speech, noting the relevance and forum topic’s importance for the economic transformation, the development of communication tools and the formation of social ties.


During the plenary session, experts discussed the transformation of regional economies, opportunities and tools for effective development of territories and their financing. Special attention was paid to client-centricity as a driver of functional transformation.


Work on the main thematic tracks continued as part of specialized sections devoted to the digital transformation of the economy and regional social sphere, their financial support, technological sovereignty and the ecosystem of continuing education and consulting.