21 October 2022

Presentation of Monograph “Ecosystem of Universities: Transformation of the Russian Education System” Edited by FinU Rector Stanislav Prokofiev

On October 19, 2022, the presentation of the collective monograph “Ecosystem of Universities: Transformation of the Russian Education System” was held at the FinU. The monograph is under the editorship of Prof. Stanislav Prokofiev, FinU Rector, Doctor of Economics. The monograph provides an overview of the key factors that affect education today, as well as formulated proposals for the formation of a competence-based approach in the university environment in modern conditions.

The event was moderated by Prof. G.F. Ruchkina, Dean of the FinU Faculty of Law, a member of the author’s team of the monograph, Doctor of Law,.

Opening the presentation, S.E. Prokofiev, FinU Rector emphasized the importance and timeliness of the monograph publication devoted to the analysis of the national higher school transformation.

“The idea of preparing this monograph is connected with the development of an ecosystem approach in various activity areas around the world.  In education and science, strategic challenges have created the need to create and develop a unique national Russian education model with a combination of professional, communicative and digital skills, as well as the formation of new approaches and skills related to the ability to apply knowledge and skills from different fields of science, the ability to self-education and the analysis of the experience gained”, – said the Rector.

In turn, the representative of the INFRA-M publishing house M.A.Shumilova congratulated the team of authors and all participants of the presentation on the new monograph release and stressed that the works of researchers of the FinU always find a lively response from a wide readership and are highly appreciated by the expert community.

During the event, the expert discussion on the modern university ecosystem development and the formation of a new educational environment was attended by the Vice-Rector for Academic and Methodological Work of the FinU, Doctor of Economics, Professor E.A. Kameneva, Vice-Rector for Scientific Work of the FinU, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor S.P. Solyannikova, Vice-Rector for Continuing Education of the FinU, PhD in Technical Sciences, associate Professor E.A. Didenko and other members of the author’s team of the monograph, as well as faculty and students of the FinU.