On August 24, 2022, the first meeting of the working group on improving the super-service "Admission to University Online" work took place. The group was created in accordance with Order No. 738 of the Head of the Ministry of Education and Science Valery Falkov dated August 8, 2022. Stanislav Prokofiev, FinU Rector, was appointed Deputy Head of the group.

Before the first group meeting, Stanislav Prokofiev spoke about the topics of the discussion:

"There were cases of unstable service operation during this admission campaign. We, together with the Ministry, will propose a new structure for the management of the service and its work. Admission-2022 showed that due to the influx of virtual visitors, documents through the superservice could be submitted to more than 900 Russian universities – it simply "hung up". The submitted applications were not displayed in the system immediately, so the marks of consent for admission also sometimes reached the university late. Everyone was nervous – both applicants and admissions committees".

It is assumed that the work of the group will go in three directions. First of all, we will work with the regulatory framework related to admission. We will also study and try to solve the problem of information integration of the service and universities' electronic systems. The third direction is organizational, related to the adaptation of the external environment to the system, which includes the organization of all interested parties' interaction.

According to the FinU Rector, the plans for 2024 are to launch, within the framework of the super-service, the ability to track your position not only in one university, but across the entire spectrum of selected specialties and all universities.