7 June 2022

FinU Rector Stanislav Prokofiev Visits the FinU branches in Makhachkala and Vladikavkaz

FinU Rector Stanislav Prokofiev had a business visit to the Republic of Dagestan and North Ossetia-Alania, where he met with the heads of regions and held meetings with the administration and faculty of the Makhachkala and Vladikavkaz FinU branches.


Meeting with the staff of the branches, the FinU Rector spoke in detail about the University’s development strategy, outlined key areas of work and answered questions from colleagues. The parties also discussed the launch of new promising training areas which are in demand in the regional labor market.


At the same time, Stanislav Prokofiev noted that the FinU has worked out a strategic program for the development of the branch network, and in accordance with it, the Moscow FinU will continue to support branches which effectively interact with executive and legislative authorities and take an active part in the socio-economic development of their regions.


During the visit to the Makhachkala branch, Rector Prokofiev got acquainted with the organization of the educational process and inspected the material and technical base of the college. Stanislav Prokofiev noted, “It was no coincidence that we chose this particular branch: we heard a lot about it and decided to get acquainted with its work on the spot and provide support.” Following the meeting, it was decided to help the Makhachkala branch to launch modern educational programs for the IT specialists’ training, in particular, the training of staff for the digital economy and the updating of computer and multimedia equipment.


During the visit to the Vladikavkaz branch, Rector Prokofiev studied the material and technical base of the campus, met with the faculty and students, as well as FinU regional partners. Prospects to integrate the educational institution into the public sector and the business community, as well as cooperation of the Vladikavkaz branch with financial institutions to implement joint scientific and educational projects were discussed at the meeting. 


“The Vladikavkaz branch of the University has a good dynamic. Therefore, I wanted to see with my own eyes how the university lives and what kind of help it needs for further development,” said the FinU Rector.


Also, as part of the meeting, Rector Prokofiev presented corporate awards to distinguished students and faculty of the Makhachkala and Vladikavkaz FinU branches for high results in educational and scientific activities, academic achievements, fruitful and conscientious work for the benefit of the FinU.