2 June 2022

Anton Siluanov gave a lecture for students

Stanislav Prokofiev, Rector of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation welcomed the Head of the Ministry of Finance, noting that the Ministry is always at the forefront of solving the most important socio-economic problems.

During the lecture, Anton Siluanov spoke about the reaction of the financial authorities to modern challenges and the main solutions in the conditions of export, import restrictions, and financial transactions.

The Minister stressed that Russia continues to interact with many foreign partners: trade and economic cooperation has expanded with some of them, and in response to the restrictions imposed, a package of measures to support business and social protection of citizens has been prepared.

Anton Siluanov emphasized that Russia continues to pay on external public debt to preserve the image of a reliable borrower.

Speaking about the stagflation risks of the world economy, Anton Siluanov stressed the importance of responsible monetary policy, as well as the importance of Russia’s financial and technological independence as part of its sovereignty.

After the lecture, during the conversation with the Minister, the students could ask Anton Siluanov questions of interest. The guests and students were especially interested in the specifics of settlements in national currencies, the topic of reserve currencies, as well as prospects and trends in the digital ruble development .

First-year students of the Faculty of Finance Vitalina Volkova and Sofia Shakarishvili noted that during the lecture, topical issues that concern many citizens of our country were discussed: “Today we talked about what is really important for each of us,” stressed the girls.


“Today’s lecture showed that our students are actively following the news agenda. Everyone was ready to ask a question and show themselves to be future high-class specialists,” commented Natalia Shmigol, Deputy Dean for Graduate and Postgraduate Studies.