As part of the Master’s degree program at the Faculty of Finance, students are trained in three main concentrations – 38.04.01 Economics, 38.04.08 Finance and Credit, 38.04.09 Public Audit. 

Academic programs “Securities and Financial Engineering” and “Financial controlling” are taught in the “Economics” concentration. 

In “Finance and Credit” concentration students are taught in accordance with six educational programs: “Public Sector Finance”, “Financial Innovations in the Public Sector” (partially in English), “Financial Mathematics and Market Analysis”, “Risk Management in Financial Markets”, “Insurance Business”, “Banking and Risk Management”. 

The academic program “Public Audit and Control” (a double degree program) is being implemented in the concentration “Public Audit”. The studies are full-time and last 2 years.

For admission to the Master’s degree programs of the Faculty of Finance, you have to successfully pass the entrance tests in the subjects “Economic Theory” and “Foreign Language”.

The program will be available on both a tuition fee and a state-funded tuition basis. For more information follow the link.