On April 27, 2022, Stanislav Prokofiev held his first Rector’s Hour at the Financial University. During the event Rector Prokofiev answered numerous students’ questions sent in advance as well as asked from the audience.

Nikita Tyurin, Chairman of FinU Student Council was the event moderator, and Mikhail Eskindarov and Alla Gryaznova were the guests of honor.

At the beginning of the meeting, Rector Prokofiev shared with the students a personal story about his academic and career path: he told them about university studies, starting a business, his teaching career and major projects implemented in public service.

A topical issue on the agenda was the FinU strategic development within new challenges. “By 2030, we will have to complete a full transformation from University 2.0 to University 4.0,” stressed Rector Prokofiev.  Among the key trends in this regard, he identified the development of individual educational directions, building of relationships and further cooperation with large banks and corporations, industry leaders, public organizations and professional associations.

“The main trend is to maintain the corporate identity which Alla Gryaznova started, Mikhail Eskindarov continued, and I plan to follow: our University should train practice-oriented specialists for further work in our country,” pointed out the Rector.

Stanislav Prokofiev also highlighted the importance of the formation of students’ specialized competencies and the possibility of mastering knowledge and skills in the related fields. The FinU Rector added that a unique program of students’ advanced training and professional training courses has been launched on the FinU basis, which enables students to master additional practical skills. This will become a competitive advantage of young professionals when building a career. “We are going to launch this program next September,” added the Rector.

Rector Prokofiev also told the students about the FinU development directions, including new educational programs in humanitarian and technological areas, an integrated scientific postgraduate program, and new scientific and educational laboratories in various academic fields.

Students were particularly engaged in the development of an entrepreneurial center on the FinU basis and also the possibility of participating in the program “Startup as Your Graduation Paper”. FinU Rector explained that within the framework of this project, students will be able to come up with creative ideas for the further development of startup projects in various sectors of the economy.

Students also asked questions related to scholarships, residence halls and technical equipment. Rector Prokofiev answered all the questions received and assured the students that the problems they identified would be solved soon. The meeting was also attended by Vice-Rectors, Deans of Faculties and representatives of student activists, which made it possible to promptly answer students’ questions.

Concluding the meeting, Rector Prokofiev stressed the importance of following the FinU traditions and assured the students that he would do his best to develop and strengthen them. 

The transcript of the event is available at the link