6 April 2022

A New Social Network With Realistic Content

BeReal is a new social network gaining popularity in universities around the world. The user receives a push-notification, “Time to BeReal”. You have two minutes to snap a picture of what you are doing and share it. You can retake a photo – but everyone can see how many retakes you did. The trick is that the user does not have time to prepare, in 2 minutes one can only come up to the window and remove a hair. The app does not have any filters, retouches, likes, reach, and that is the beauty of it.

In the feed you can see students, classrooms, the way from campus, residence halls, indoor plants and small walks. After careful and thought-through content of other social networks, the BeReal feed feels like a breath of fresh air.

The application is only available in English or French only, but for FinU students it is not a problem.

Download here: https://bere.al/en