The Center for Advanced Research and Development in Education of the Financial University invites you to participate in the Inter-University Round Table “University Career from Postgraduate Studies to Academic Advising”, dedicated to the most important issues of career development in the educational organization of higher education.

The Round Table is devoted to the following issues:
The relevance of personnel reproduction in higher education;
Career path in an educational organization;
University career: opportunities and limitations;
Mechanisms of building and developing a career at the university;
Barriers to professional growth at the university;
Tools and mechanisms for optimizing career-building at the university;
Academic advising: burden or gift;
Effective interaction with scientific and pedagogical personnel in the graduate school.

We invite you to take part in a study dedicated to the readiness of students and postgraduates to work at a university, as well as to analyze the barriers to building an academic career. The results of the study will be presented at the Inter-University Round Table.

Take the survey: https://vk.cc/ccf8xW

The event will take place at the Financial University on March 30, 2022.

Address: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt 49, room 406.

Time: 14.00

Format: offline with the possibility to join remotely.

The link will be sent to attendees with the program of the event.

Please register by March 29, 2022 until 23.59 at https://vk.cc/ccf8zQ